Vote for best of LaVentana,

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Vote for best of LaVentana,

Post by dean on Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:30 pm

I am going to set up a poll of people registered on this forum to vote for the Best of LaVentana. I will not allow outsiders to vote, this is insiders vote only for people who may be coming down the first time. I need people to suggest via a PM to me categories, and I need places to suggest they should be in the running or if they do not want to be in the running.

Here are some of the categories that have been suggested so far. Once I have enough feedback I will post the polls for people to vote and shut off new people from registering during the polls.

Like, best:
fresh fish store
grocery store
fresh fish restaurant
best ceviche
best meat tacos
best shrimp plate
best fish taco stand
best meat taco stand
best chicken dish
best high end resort
best views from a resort
best budget resort
best pool
best bar
best american breakfast
best mexican breakfast
best mexican food
best american food
best hamburger
best ribs
best coffee shop,


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